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POS/Point of Sale

—     Your one-stop, POS solutions providers.

Point of Sale Features

Everything you need to run your shop

Reach networks™ can create a custom complete point of sale system for the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries. We have worked with our customers for years to achieve a system that most people can learn in minutes. When you do need help, our first class support is just a phone call away.

A Complete Retail System

It’s Easy

More important than any one feature, Reach networks™ POS solutions makes it easy to learn and use. New employees will learn quickly and experienced employees will appreciate the simplicity of Reach networks™ POS solutions.

Point of Sale (Register)

Easy to use and flexible to save you time and make you look good in front of your customers. Quickly search for items using a barcode scanner or simply type in a description. Track customers, deposits, layaways, and special orders.

Inventory Control

Proper inventory control can make the difference between profit and loss. We help you optimize your inventory to save money and increase sales.

Vendor Catalogs

We have over one million items preloaded for you. You’ll save time by not having to manually enter data. We are always adding more catalogs to our list, if we’re missing one, call our support to find out how to get it added in.

Service Department

Integrated work orders keep your service department on track. And turning work orders into sales is done with a click of a button.

Employee Accountability

Reach networks™ POS solutions can keep track of the ‘who, what, and where’ of all transactions.


Real-time information about your business is always available. You’ll know what items are selling, who are the big spenders, and how your business is growing. When it’s time to do your books you’ll have easy access to profit, loss, taxes, and more. If you use QuickBooks you can load your POS and inventory data, some solutions allow you to upload inventory lists from you vendors using MS Excel.

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