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OC3 Internet Services

OC-3 Internet connections are developed to meet the needs of high- volume users. Using Packet-over-SONET (POS) technology, OC3 Internet services are ideal for a wide variety of uses, such as hosting large corporate Web sites with high traffic. Reach networks™ offers two types of OC3 Internet connections: Burstable and Tiered (Capped).

Burstable OC-3 Internet Services
Burstable OC-3 Internet connectivity allows you to take advantage of the full 155 Mbps at any time. Service costs are based on bandwidth commitment levels and actual usage.   Reach networks™ monitors the amount of bandwidth used by the circuit and then invoices you according to your sustained usage level (95th percentile). Burstable OC3 Internet speeds start at 30 Mbps.   The more you commit to, the lower your cost per Mbps will be.     

Tiered (Capped) OC-3 Internet Services
Reach networks™ Tiered (Capped) OC-3 Internet connection is designed for businesses who know what their expected sustained usage will be or who prefer to budget a consistent monthly cost. Bandwidth for Tiered OC3 Internet connects are purchased in the following increments: 60 Mbps, 70 Mbps, 80 Mbps, 90 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 155 Mbps.

Unique Features

Reach networks™ provides the following distinct features with every Internet connection:

  • Direct connection from your site to the Tier 1 Carrier.
  • Your Internet service does not touch any Third Party
    (other than the Local Access Provider) or Reach networks™ equipment.
  • When doing a Trace-Route, the Tier 1 ISP is the First Router Hop.
  • Dedicated Install Engineer.
  • Wholesale pricing for all types of businesses.
  • Proactive Monitoring on every connection.
  • Industry Leading Service Level Agreements with every connection.

Dedicated Internet services are high-speed solutions for businesses that need high-performance and full-time dedicated Internet access.   Our Internet offerings provide you with the flexibility, reliability, and speed to handle practically any network application or requirement.   From T-1 up through OC-12 Internet connections and from FastE Internet to GigE Internet connections, Reach networks™ will help you meet your timelines and network objectives all while keeping you within your budget.

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