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Internet T1

—     T1 & DS1 | Service Provider

Reach networks™ Private T1 Line & DS1 Line Service

Digital Transport for Voice, Video and Data

Many businesses accommodate their growing voice, data and video transport needs by purchasing additional low-speed circuits. Over time, that can add up to excessive circuits and expense. Reach networks® T1/DS1 Service can reliably and securely aggregate that traffic on a single, cost-effective, high-speed circuit, eliminating the need for multiple low-speed channels.


Reach networks™ T1/DS1 Service is a dedicated, full duplex, point-to-point, high-capacity Private Line transport service (PLTS) that provides transmission of isochronous serial data at 1.544Mbps. The service has the capacity of 24 voice-equivalent channels. Because the transmission is digital, the signal is clean and free of crosstalk, amplified noise and distortion. T1, also known as DS1, channels are provided between customer-designated premises or between customer-designated premises and a Reach networks™ central office. The service is provisioned on copper, fiber and in some instances, microwave radio. In some high-density cities, T1/DS1 is provisioned on a synchronous optical network (SONET)-based interoffice network that connects key serving wire centers.


T1/DS1 lines offers a variety of optional features and functions:

  • Central office multiplexing—Has the capacity of 24 voice-equivalent channels.
  • Central office multiplexer-to-multiplexer connecting arrangement interconnects at the T1/DS1 level.
  • Command a Link gives you control of services.
  • Clear channel capability transports data without constraints.
  • Environmental cabinet terminates service on a pole or outside a building.
  • Protection options:
    • Self-healing alternate route protection (SHARP) protects the local loop.
    • SHARP Plus extends protection to the interoffice portion of the circuit.
    • Automatic loop transfer protects against failure of copper facilities.
  • The main characteristics of T1/DS1 are framing and line code:
    • Framing options include D4 framing, extended super frame (ESF), non-ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and free framing.
    • Line code options, identified by network channel interface (NCI) codes, include alternate mark inversion (AMI) and binary eight zero substitution (B8ZS).

Benefits of T1/DS1 lines

  • Ensures reliable, secure transport of high-volume communications between two locations.
  • Aggregates your point-to-point voice, data and video traffic on a single dedicated, cost-effective circuit.
  • Improves response time.
  • Provides clean, pure transmissions.
  • Provides a service guarantee—provisioning and repair.
  • Enhances the quality and utility of your service with optional features.

How T1/DS1 Service Works

T1/DS1 channels can be provided between two of your designated locations, or between one location and a Reach networks™ wire center.

Why Buy from Reach networks™?

  • Reach networks™ is a T1/DS1 service provider that features a provides self-healing alternate route protection option, which offers instantaneous service restoration.
  • Available throughout the 14-state Reach networks™ local service territory.
  • Discounts are available with regional commitment program and term discount pricing plans.
  • Contract terms stabilize your cost over a long term.
  • Service level agreements guarantee provisioning due dates and provide credit for service interruptions.
  • Reach networks™ is a facilities-based telecommunication provider with a legacy of experience and service.

Other Products Available from Reach networks™

In addition to Reach networks™ T1/DS1 Line Service, Reach networks™ has an array of products to meet your needs, including:

  • Reach networks® T3/DS3 Service
  • Reach networks® Synchronous Service Transport (SST)
  • Reach networks® Self-Healing Network Service (SHNS)
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