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Infrastructure Consulting

—     IT Service, Management Consulting

Infrastructure Strategy and Architecture

Define architectures based on IT service strategy.


Reach networks™ Consulting helps you transform your infrastructure strategy from providing technology support to specific applications or business functions to providing IT services to the business as a strategic partner. To accomplish this transformation, we build a strategy and architecture for your key IT initiatives.

We can help you to:

  • Protect your information.
  • Virtualize your servers, storage, and networks.
  • Consolidate infrastructure within data centers.
  • Consolidate data centers.
  • Manage IT services.

We develop a phased approach to help you implement your infrastructure strategy and evolve the maturity of your IT process and organization. We also develop business cases to support the investments of each program phase. Our comprehensive approach helps you develop a clear understanding of the people, processes, and dimensions of your strategy and architecture.

How Our Capabilities Translate to Value

Our service-based approach to developing infrastructure strategy and architecture helps your IT organization become a service provider to your business. We help you create an information infrastructure that is agile, automated, protected, and service-oriented.

Associated Capabilities

  • Application Infrastructure Optimization and Management
    Lower the cost of ongoing operations, simplify administrative tasks, and improve the security and reliability of your application infrastructure.
  • Virtual Data Center Transformation
    Prepare for cloud computing by transforming to a virtual data center that offers greater service delivery flexibility at lower cost.

What We Offer

  • Backup and Recovery Consulting
    Gain detailed insights into your current backup and recovery processes and identify opportunities to improve your strategy.
  • Business Continuity Consulting
    Develop a high availability and disaster recovery strategy to protect critical business functions through an end-to-end approach, addressing people, process, and technology.
  • Virtualization Consulting
    Deploy virtualization in your enterprise data center and optimize your mission-critical applications and infrastructure.
  • Data Center Networking
    Optimize information infrastructure performance with better alignment of network, application and physical infrastructure.
  • Information Security Consulting
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