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Full DS3/T3

—     DS3/T3 High capacity channel.

Private T3 Line & DS3 Line Service

High-Speed Digital Transport for Voice, Video and Data

If you’re relying on multiple low-speed services to handle your growing voice, data and video traffic—or if you simply require more robust bandwidth—Reach networks® T3/DS3 Service can improve both the cost efficiency and the performance of your network by aggregating those services onto a high-speed digital backbone. Because the transmission is digital from end to end, the signal is clean and pure—free of cross talk, amplified noise and distortion.

This advanced digital communications solution is designed and deployed to help support your mission-critical business functions and applications, including the following:

  • Local-area, metropolitan-area and wide-area networking.
  • Remote workplace solution.
  • Remote database backup.
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) application.
  • Video and audio conferencing.
  • Centralized networking data processing.


Reach networks™ T3/DS3 Service is a point-to-point, high-capacity, digital Private Line transport service (PLTS) used to transfer large amounts of information between locations. It has the flexibility to configure communications services that meet specific needs and economically optimize networks, such as the aggregation of lower-speed services (e.g., T1/DS1, 1.544 Mpbs) onto a high-speed digital backbone. The T3/DS3 facility can also be channelized to provide two T1/DS1 circuits with the multiplexing ability to enable a platform for voice, video and data services.


  • Electrical interface offered for single T3/DS3 applications.
  • Central office multiplexing provides 28 T1/DS1 circuits.
  • Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection (SHARP) protects the local loop.
  • SHARP Plus extends protection to the interoffice portion of the circuit.
  • Command-a-Link provides circuit reconfiguration.

Benefits of T3/DS3 Service

  • A high-capacity channel for the transmission of 44.736 Mbps isochronous serial data. T3/DS3 service enables you to:
    • Reliably transport high traffic volumes between locations.
    • Economically optimize your network as you configure end-user services.
  • Cost savings can be generated by aggregating lower-speed T1/DS1 services.
  • High standards of accuracy and system availability @ 99.83 percent.
  • Graduated discounts through plans based on contract length.
  • Single solution for integrating voice, video and data applications.
  • Supports todays in-demand business applications that require high bandwidth and fiber-optic reliability.
  • Provides the capacity you currently need and accommodates growing future demands.
  • Ensures reliable transmissions on your most critical circuits with optional SHARP service.
  • Provides a service guarantee—provisioning and repair.

How T3/DS3 Service Works

Reach networks™ T3/DS3 Service consists of a high-capacity channel provisioned for transmission speeds of 44.736 Mbps isochronous serial data. T3/DS3 is offered as an electrical interface for single T3/DS3 applications.

Why Buy from Reach networks™?

  • Reach networks™ provides the SHARP option, which allows instantaneous service restoration.
  • Service is available throughout the 14-state Reach networks™ local service territory.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) guarantee high standards of performance.
  • Flexible pricing plans offer discounts and protect you from price increases.
  • Reach networks™ is a facilities-based telecommunication provider with a legacy of experience and service.
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