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Fractional/Bustable DS3/T3

—     As your business grows.

Fractional DS3 circuits can run from speeds of 3 Mbps up to 45 Mbps, the speed of a full DS3. A full DS3 is made of 28 T1s or 672 individual channels, thus a fractional DS3 consists of any number of these channels less than 672. Actually the majority of DS3 connections that are in use by businesses are fractional. For companies that require more bandwidth than an NxT1 can make available, but do not command the 45 Mbps of a DS3, a fractional solution can be a compelling solution. The allure of the fractional option is the lower cost and, most importantly, the ease of upgrading.

As a business grows and requires more bandwidth upgrading, this solution only involves adjusting the port that has a plethora of different bandwidth options. These upgrades can happen relatively quickly and can be scaled up to 45 Mbps. Not to mention the fact that a company can see their per megabit cost dwindle as more bandwidth is added to their fractional solution. As with any major bandwidth decision it’s always important to go with a stable and reliable connection from a Tier 1 carrier. This will ensure you access to the national backbone and that the connection will be backed by a strong Service Level Agreement.

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