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Ethernet Internet

—     Enterprise Ethernet Transport

Ethernet Transport Services

Ethernet makes things easy. Reach networks™ makes it easier.

A lot of challenges have been overcome by bringing Ethernet to Wide Area Networks. But work with the wrong company for Ethernet, and you’ll feel a whole new set of challenges cropping up.

Ethernet lets your organization do many things better:

  • It gives you bandwidth of up to 1 Gb/s. Much more than you can get from traditional WAN technologies. And bandwidths of ten times that much will be available very soon.
  • It’s easy. You won’t need highly specialized knowledge to set up your Ethernet WAN network.
  • It doesn’t require special equipment. You can get started with a router, an Ethernet switch or bridge, or a host.
  • It’s flexible - Ethernet give your organization multipoint connectivity, so there’s much less for you to manage. And it supports LAN-to-LAN connectivity, internet access, business continuity and storage area networking.
  • It’s affordable. Costs for Ethernet are significantly less than other available options like TDM.

So why choose Reach networks™ for Ethernet over anyone else?

  • Because we own our own network, and that means we can provide better service, fix problems faster, and keep all our promises.
  • Because we have a guarantee that says if you’re not happy, we’ll cancel your contract.
  • Because from day one, we’re going to treat you the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

The basic configurations that are possible with Ethernet.

  • Point to Point (Private Line Transport): Two locations talking to each other.
  • Point to Multi-Point (Port Aggregation): Headquarters talking to multiple offices.
  • Multi-Point to Multi-Point (Metro LAN): Multiple sites all talking to each other.

Overview of Reach networks™ Ethernet Services.

  • Ethernet Private Line Service (EPL). This is our dedicated, point-to-point service with capacity from 5 Mb to 1 Gb, in increments of 1 Mb.
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service (EVPL). This also provides point-to-point connectivity. Because it’s a switched service, it allows management of bandwidth, traffic handling characteristics and route destination.
  • Ethernet Virtual LAN Service (EVLAN). Like virtual private line, only providing multi-point connectivity. This switched service enable management of bandwidth, traffic handling characteristics and route destination.
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