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Dark Fiber

—     Fiber Optic Connectivity

Dark Fiber

Why some dark fiber is better than others.

You may think it doesn’t make a big difference which company you choose as a dark fiber supplier. After all, you’ll be operating your own network. Right?

But the truth is, there are important reasons to take a hard look at who supplies your dark fiber. Significant differences exist. For example:

  • Not all dark fiber suppliers provide the same level of maintenance on their fiber.
  • Not all dark fiber suppliers do the same level of signal testing.
  • Not all dark fiber suppliers provide the same level of redundancy-in some cases, they don’t provide true redundancy at all.

With these facts in mind, let us tell you what Reach networks™ has to offer.

Path Diversity

First of all, our dark fiber routes are clearly different from those offered by other suppliers. So if you are trying to establish redundancy, you’ll actually get it from us. We don’t participate in joint builds with other suppliers, so you won’t find our networks following the same routes as any other fiber company.

Remember this: You can’t assure path diversity by simply going to a different supplier, because often, multiple suppliers follow the exact same routes.

There’s only one way to be sure you’re getting the diversity you’re looking for: Ask to see the map your traffic will follow. If a fiber company won’t provide that, take your business somewhere else.

Ongoing Maintenance and Testing

We are constantly testing, maintaining and updating our dark fiber networks.

We monitor the quality of the network and the quality of the signal that occurs. If something doesn’t measure up, we’re on it-fast. We’re used to an extremely high level of service: We own all our own networks. So we know what it takes to keep them up and operating virtually all the time.

Our track record for continual maintenance, monitoring, and management of our fiber infrastructure is one of the best in the industry. We will be happy to provide references on request.

Better quality fiber

Even if your network company does everything else right, you can still run into trouble if they have cheap fiber in the ground. Lower quality fiber  costs you money in the long run as tolerance levels and loss budgets start accelerating. That’s why Reach networks™ only uses top tier manufacturers like Corning, Alcatel and Fujiwara (formerly Lucent).

The right size and placement

When you hear about the large rings of dark fiber that some companies offer, it may seem like this is a competitive advantage. After all, don’t large rings make it easier for you to reach your multiple locations?

The truth is, there’s an optimum size for fiber rings. Once you get past 70 kilometers (just over 40 miles), you have to move up to the next level of equipment to boost the power of your signal.

That’s why we keep our fiber rings right around the optimum 70-kilometer limit-keeping your equipment needs in a much more affordable range.

We also make sure our rings are placed in optimum locations that don’t mimic those of other area suppliers.

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