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Cloud/Virtualization Consulting

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How Cloud Is Transforming IT

IT organizations must respond to increasing demands from business stakeholders. Virtually every decision business makes involves IT, and in business where first movers gain competitive advantage, IT responsiveness and agility matter. Yet many IT organizations struggle to meet business needs in a timely way because their applications and services run on infrastructures that are too costly to manage and challenging to change.

Today’s IT organizations, faced with decreasing resources and increasing business needs, are looking to cloud computing to provide a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective model for delivering IT to business: IT as a Service.

While cloud computing provides the approach, VMware delivers a pragmatic path and customer-proven solutions that allow organizations to preserve existing technology investments, while achieving the goal of enabling IT as a Service.

The Promise of Cloud Computing

The most effective transition to a cloud computing approach enables organizations to yield the following benefits:

  • Efficiency Through Utilization and Automation

In addition to the known cost savings, cloud computing and the VMware approach deliver lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by minimizing unnecessary IT infrastructure investments, providing efficient management and maintenance tools, and preventing technology lock-in. They help IT to adopt a more cost-effective, self-managed, dynamically optimized environment for the most efficient delivery of IT services. They provide additional flexibility by developing and deploying applications that can run in the datacenter or at a cloud service provider. With this cloud computing approach, organizations move toward an infrastructure that uses policy-driven management and automation to monitor itself, self-optimizing for load and demand on the applications, based on usage.

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